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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I used to view change as being either good or bad, but now I'm not so quick to judge its merits or flaws. In fact, change is difficult to define in a universal way, since we each experience it uniquely. For some it's a thing to be dreaded; for others, change is liberating and refreshing. Whatever the case, it’s inevitable. We can’t avoid change if we are to continue living. Life, by its very nature, is not static, but constantly evolving, transforming, becoming. I once read somewhere that the only place where things remain the same is the graveyard. And, frankly, nobody wants to live in a graveyard.

So what makes change so daunting to some of us? Why do we hang on to the familiar and shun the unknown? Sure, we can become creatures of habit, but at what price? Trading our personal growth for the comfort of the status quo can be costly. We've been given but one life here on earth, and that requires daily courage if we're to be the best we can be. Sometimes, it's easier to take baby steps toward positive change in our lives, but that's okay. You'll still be moving forward, and that's what counts. Even if changes going on in your life in particular -- and the world in general -- leave you feeling helpless, you aren't really. You can always choose how to respond to, and ultimately how you will accommodate, these shifts in events as they apply to your situation.

I mentioned earlier that there are some who welcome change, even when it brings discomfort and pain. We can't guarantee that our lives will always be smooth, after all. Changes that lead to self-actualization are more about what we learn along the way and how we apply it than they are about reasons for their occurrence. Some of the wisest, most well-seasoned individuals I've met seem to have a "go with the flow" attitude when it comes to change. Perhaps they have learned which battles are worth fighting and which are not. Perhaps they've discovered how to incorporate change as an antidote to a stagnant life. Either way, I have great admiration for such a way of living.

Much of living mindfully is thinking about how you view change in your own life, and making space to accept changes, knowing that there are many things you can't control. So, take a neutral attitude toward change, expecting it, anticipating it, and don't be a bit surprised when it presents itself. If you're flexible, you'll find that changes in your life cannot break down your spirit nor force you to shrink back on meeting everyday challenges. 

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